More Portraits

Strictly speaking this is just a couple of portraits for now but this post will be edited to include fresh material as it becomes available. Watch this space…

This is the British singer/songwriter Polly Jean (PJ) Harvey. Her 30-year career to date has seen her adopt a different musical approach with almost every album release, with regular visual makeovers to match. She has become increasingly political with her recent output, tackling subjects such as nationalism, poverty, war, race and social division. One of my very favourite female artists.
The Canadian/American architect Frank Gehry, many of whose striking, postmodernist buildings have become world-renowned attractions and indelible symbols of the cities in which they are located. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, perhaps his most famous creation, is widely considered to have revitalised the fortunes of this port city following the decline of the steel and shipbuilding industries and transformed it into a go-to tourist destination.

His architectural style has been described as ‘deconstructionist’ but remains, above all, unmistakably Frank Gehry.


  1. Grahame Joyce

    I have never heard of her George, I have a lot to learn! Has she seen this ad, if so does she like it – is it for a album cover project? Great art – love it and You can feel the love you have for her and her music.


    • Ah thanks, Grahame. This was un-commissioned, just a personal piece to add to my portfolio. She’s probably not quite your sort of thing but I’ve been a big fan for years. Always re-inventing herself but managing to be completely original at the same time. Glad you like it!


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