In 2019 I worked with Go For It Games on a card game called Kamba. There are 52 cards in all, each with its own illustration depicting a three-word tongue-twister. The brief consisted of little more than the tongue-twisters themselves so it was a great opportunity to run with the madness and get surreal. A lengthy job but great fun!

Here’s a selection of the illustrations used on the cards, with their accompanying tongue-twisters.

Which Weird Beard

Big Bald Bear

Who Chews Shoes?

Twirl Twelve Twins

Twee Tree Toads

Thin Tin Things

Sweet Greek Grapes

Soft Short Shirt

Snake Sneaks Snack

Slick Sleek Sleuth

Six Thick Sticks

Six Sick Sheep

Sink Snack Stack

Sick Sheikh’s Son

Scream Green Queen

Sam Swims Swan

Sad Shrub Song

Ruth’s Red Roof

Roast Ripped Roach

Red Rock Wall

Real Rare Whale

Pale Pink Plank

Luke Likes Lakes

Hip Hop Hog

Great Grey Goats

Gnome Flown Home

Flies Fry Pies

Dog Food Dude

Dad’s Dog’s Dread

Cup Cake Cap

Clutch Dutch Ducks

Chris Twists Wrists

Cheese Trees Please

Break Bleak Bloke

Blues Backed Brush

Black Bug’s Blood

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