Christmas Cards

The following is a selection of Christmas card designs I’ve produced over recent years to send to friends and family in both print and electronic form. I could do the same for you.


This one actually worked for anyone with the time and patience (and curious lack of anything better to do) to cut it out:XmasCard2003


The cut-out Santa and Fairy designs below were intended to be made into tree decorations; if you would like free, print-ready pdf copies to enhance your own tree, just let me have your email address and they’re yours.Sant'n'Fairy

The setting for this one is my own back garden!DejeunerSurNeige


This cheerful character was a revival of the cut-out-n-keep tree decoration idea, designed to capture the zeitgeist at the end of a year when it hardly seemed that things could get any worse. Oh, the cruelty of hindsight – how little we knew back in those halcyon days!Print

The harmless pantomime demon below adorned a drinks party invitation email. Among the promised nibbles were ‘Devils on Horseback’ (Prunes wrapped in bacon):Devil-SansType

2016 was a bewildering year on many levels. My Christmas card was an attempt to reflect the insane era we’re currently living through; typing the link into a browser took you to the animated gif below. It’s as sensible as much of what occurred during the preceding twelve months:Basic RGBxmas2016_cancan

A more straightforwardly festive image for Christmas 2017, reflecting a few recent experimental pieces of personal work in which I’ve been combining Art Nouveau motifs with digital re-workings of some of my life-drawings. It’s also intended as a not-so-subtle Remainer celebration of EU, to which, for now at least, we still belong. The domestic news agenda was once again dominated by the looming catastrophe of Brexit, which remains as divisive and politically all-consuming as ever.

My 2018 card took a while to put together but was fun to do. Twenty-five digital re-workings of some of the life-drawings I’d amassed over recent years, stacked up and artfully arranged into the form of a Christmas tree. It was fiendishly difficult to jigsaw the constituent parts together but it all worked out in the end.

There was something about this miserable bunch of dissolute Santas that seemed to capture the not-so-festive Christmas 2019 zeitgeist. I thought so anyway. And that was even before coronavirus arrived…

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